1 October

Leanid Navitski: Youd better support the European March


Democratic activist Leanid Navitski was released today from the remand jail in Akrestin Street, where he spent 10 days. He was arrested by the KGB agents, who confiscated from his flat 100 EU flags and informational materials with the European symbols. Somebody from the authorities tried to upset the preparation for the European March, but it is impossible today. Instead of senseless attempts to hinder us, I would advise the authorities to support the action and save in such a way both themselves and our country, - Leanid Navitski declared to Charter97 press center after his release from the remand jail.

At first the report against him was drawn up under Article 23.34 of the Code of Administrative Offences (call for the participation in unsanctioned action). But 25 September in court the district militia officer of Partyzanski District Internal Affairs Department, senior lieutenant Andrey Dobkin claimed that Leanid Navitski supposedly used the obscene words in Partyzanski District Militia Department and thus the protocol under Article 17.1 of the CAO (disorderly conduct) was drawn up.

The authorities are providing their usual policy, arresting the potentially active citizens on the eve of mass actions, groundless accusing them of disorderly conduct. They do the same in 2006 before the president elections and this year before Freedom Day.

Judge Alena Tityankova convicted Navitski and sentenced him to 10 days of arrest. But the activist has another report drawn up for the organization of the European March, thus one more trial is possible.

14 October the European March is to be held in Minsk. To make a breakthrough to Europe and save the Belarusian economy the opposition suggested the authorities to hold the European March together. In this connection the negotiation group of the European March has sent a letter to Natallia Pyatkevich, Deputy Head of Presidents Administration. But the authorities and Deputy Head of Presidents Administration in particular keep silence and continue repressions against European-minded youth.

Such a position can lead to the situation when Europe will not only deny economic aid that the Belarusian authorities ask, but apply new sanctions. The responsible people for that will be Minister for Internal Affairs Uladzimir Naumau and Deputy Head of Presidents Administration Natallia Pyatkevich.