1 October

Aleksandr Kullinkovich: Id like to play music in European Belarus


Aleksandr Kullinkovich, the group Neuro Dubel leader wishes he would play music in European Belarus. I could say everything I want not bewaring of the punishment. The punishments like abolition of the concerts, absence of air, orders from the officials and telephone calls. I want to play music not violating the laws. I cant live like that in todays Belarus. Whatever I do today, I think: They can punish me, I can be punished In my opinion, free art is impossible in todays Belarus, - the musician declared in the interview to Charter97 press center.

According to Kullinkovich, today our country has the only opportunity. It is to accept the proposals of the EU even if not to agree with Russias conditions. Even if Russians promise fairyland and manna from heaven, in no case must we agree. Russia is a state that made wars and behaved aggressively towards everyone. Russia is a dreadfully aggressive state. Id like not to have anything common with such a state.

The normal dialog between the authorities and the opposition is necessary today. I support the initiative of the opposition to suggest a dialog to the authorities. The question is will they respond or not, - the musician says.

Aleksandr Kullinkovich is going to come to the European March, which is to be held 14 October in Minsk. As a rule, I visit all the oppositional actions. To sleep quietly, - the musician remarked.