14 September

Yaugen Afnagel: We ought to demonstrate the will of Belarus to join the European Union


On of the European March applicants, member of the public campaign “Jeans for Freedom!” Yaugen Afnagel dwelt on the targets of the action which is to be held in Minsk 14 October.”Our target is to provide maximum participation of people in the European March. The European values are extremely relevant nowadays both for the youth and for the adult population”, the activist declared in his interview with the Radio Svaboda.

It is very essential that the European Union can help us to preserve our national economy. We are aware of the majority of Belarusians to support the idea of joining the European Union. That is why we ought to demonstrate the will of Belarus to join the European Union. For the authorities to see and, probably, to support that.

It is to be mentioned that the democratic forces applied to the Minsk executive committee for holding the European March “For Freedom!”on 14 October. The European March is due to start at 2 p.m. in Oktyabrskaya Square in Minsk. The route of the march is to pass along the side walk of the Nezavisimosty Avenue from the Oktyabrskaya Square to the National Library of the Republic of Belarus where the meeting is to be held.