5 October

Entrepreneurs come out to European March


Valer Levaneuski has called the entrepreneurs to take active part in preparation and holding of the European March For Freedom. According to the entrepreneurs leader, problems of small entrepot development are closely connected with the problems of the whole nation, total poverty and lawlessness of the Belarusians.

Today we are all equally defenceless before vigilanteism of those who have power. Only by joining forces the civil society can built independent and prosperous Belarus. The authorities must not only permit the action but also help to organize it, former political prisoner remarked.

The European March For Freedom is to be held in Minsk 14 October. The idea of the march appeared in the Belarusian civil society in response to the European Unions address to the government and people of Belarus What the European Union could bring to Belarus. In our country the document is known as 12 proposals of the European Union.

The goal of the European March is to demonstrate the European choice of the Belarusian people and call for the authorities to accept the proposals of the European Union.

The government of Belarus has not yet responded in substance to the EU proposals. Though the results of the latest sociological polls conducted both by independent and state-governed sociological services prove that the majority of Belarusians positively react to the idea of improvement of relations with Europe and support the European vector of the countrys development.

The European March For Freedom is a way to dialog and civil concord in Belarus. It is the opportunity for democratic innovation and economic prosperity, - the European March organizes think.