8 October

Zimouski: European March is not glamorous


National State Teleradiocompany head and former presenter of the informational and analytical programme Rezonans expressed his opinion concerning the European March. According to him, actually, the place of Belarus is in Europe but the march in step with strange tin drum is not glamorous.

It is expected that on Sunday one part of Belarusians will prove another part who is more European. The European March is expected. What can better testify the fact that the opposition has acknowledged the positive changes in the Belarusian society? If we think, 10 years ago they unsuccessfully tried to organize the marshes of empty pans. And now March to Europe! The progress is evident, - Aliaksandr Zimouski declared.

According to National State Teleradiocompany head, the only thing that confuses me as a military man did the same people persuade us earlier that to parade on the command from center is the sign of wild totalitarism?, - BelaPAN reports.

Actually, the place of Belarus is in Europe, it is hard to argue. Even in the center of Europe. But to march in step with strange tin drum is not glamorous. In my opinion, the todays political authorities conforming to the mentality of the nation, have chosen more effective tactics of infiltration, - Aliaksandr Zimouski summed up.

The Belarusian opposition is going to hold the European March on the coming Sunday, 14 October. In the appeal to Minsk City Executive Committee is said that the march will begin on Kastrychnitskaya Square. Than the demonstration is planned to move along the Nezalezhnasti Street to the National Library, where the meeting is to be held. The objective of the action, according to the organizers, is to demonstrate the European choice of Belarusians.