11 October

Elisabeth Schroedter: Belarusian authorities cannot ignore opposition


European Parliament deputy Elisabeth Schroedter regards the European March vital for Belarus. The action proves there is a strong opposition in the country, the deputy believes. With this action the authorities will see there is a real opposition force that they cannot ignore.

Elisabeth Schroedter remarked in an interview to Deutsche Welle that Europes democratic institutions welcome such actions.

With the European March the Belarusian nation show their political will, the politician said. Such actions are common in Europe. Marches and demonstration help draw the authorities attention to a particular political situation, to remind them about the law. And such actions show the Belarusian nation has a democratic future. Hence Europe cannot leave Belarus without attention and support, the politician deems.

Europe will support Belarus drawing the attention of the European and Belarusian society to the action.

For example, European politicians are to make several statements which will make the action public. And a public action is an essential power factor. Belarus need of such an action is great, Elisabeth Schroedter believes.

The politician assumed that the Belarusians expect help of Europe; this approach is nevertheless unreasonable. Democracy can be consolidated only inside a country. And the European March is a sign of this interior development.

Elisabeth Schroedter did not agree with the statement that democracy is a very ambiguous notion for many Belarusians.

According to the politicians, the Belarusians know what democracy is and they can reach it themselves. The problem is that the authorities prevent building democracy, with violence, political repressions and intimidation.

In the view of Elisabeth Schroedter, such actions as the European March are a nod to Europe. And in case the government allows its peaceful organization, a certain progress will be obvious.

This step will indicate the authorities attempt to hold a dialogue, the politician remarked. And this is one of the major conditions necessary for good relations with Europe. Europe cannot cooperate with a dictator regime that suppresses its citizens.