14 September

Alyaksandr Milinkevich calling Belarus for supporting European choice


Leader of the"For Freedom!" movement Alyaksandr Milinkevich called the Belarusians for participation in the European March which is to be held in Minsk 14 October.

Citizens of Belarus!

On October 14 the European March will proceed along the main avenue of our capital city.

This will be the March for the future free and European Belarus. It will be the beginning of our road to free and united Europe.

I address you all: come to the Avenue and show your will for freedom, your free European choice.

I ask the inhabitants of towns and villages to devote this day to Belarus – your beloved country. Come to the capital city on October 14. Let’s feel together the spirit and the power of Freedom.

Young men and women! Young people, you are our hope! Listen to your heart and conscience, do good and do not be afraid.

Manifestations are the most effective means to struggle for Freedom. Sitting at home we will not achieve anything. We must come out! As many times as need be to free ourselves and our people. There is no other choice. We must struggle for Freedom, we must deserve it. As did other nations of Europe. Friends of Belarus from different countries will join us in Minsk on October 14.

I ask the political parties and civic organizations, everyone: let our national flags fly next to the European flags, let us speak our national language. Let our thoughts be reflected in posters and slogans. Let our determination and the spirit of Freedom become the strongest weapon we have!

I address those who today support the economic and political policies of the current government: come to the main avenue. We are one nation. We have equal rights and common future. We are Europeans! We are the owners of the country, we are the source of power. No country can be prosperous and happy if its citizens are reduces to slave manpower status. I invite you to support the European choice for Belarus.

Every year in the spring on March 25 citizens of Belarus flock together to the streets celebrate Freedom Day. From now on, let October 14, the Feast of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin, be the Day of European Choice for Belarus.

Everyone will benefit from Freedom. Even those who are afraid of it now.

Our return to free and prosperous Europe will guarantee the preservation of our independence and culture, contribute economic development and prosperity.

Let us be together on October 14!

Together for the European future of Belarus, for the future of our children and grand children

Aliaksandr Milinkevich