25 October

Lubomir Rehak: Amnesty would be convenient and painless solution to problem of political prisoners


Concerning the political prisoners there are friction between the Belarusian authorities and international community: are there any political prisoners or not. As this topic is often being raised, we can see none of the sides is ready to meet habitat in this issue. In this context the coming amnesty would be convenient and painless solving of the problem, which is the serious obstacle to normalization of the relations between Belarus and the European Union, - Lubomir Rehak, temporary charge d affaires of Slovakia to Belarus said in his interview to Charter97 press center commenting the law On Amnesty, adopted by the house of representatives in two readings. We remind that the Embassy of Slovakia represents the European Union in Belarus.

The diplomat pointed out that the release of the political prisoners is entirely inner issue of the Belarusian side. Will it find enough of good will to solve a problem of the political prisoners by means of amnesty or it will find other ways to solution of this problem in future, - Lubomir Rehak tells.

According to the charge d affaires of Slovakia to Belarus, Europe doesnt doubt there are political prisoners in Belarus. In this question we are guided by the Amnesty International report, so we can say there are people in Belarus convicted of political activity, - Lubomir Rehak said.

In the connection with the constant statements of the official Minsk on necessity to normalize the relations with the EU Lubomir Rehak declared:

Today both the official Minsk and the EU want the full dialog. But the full cooperation is hard to achieve in such conditions.