6 November

Viktar Ivashkievich. European March or infiltration to Europe?


I was delighted with the medias reaction to the European March. If even such a devoted official journalists as Zimouski expressed the intention to start infiltration to Europe, it means that many players of their team are really eager to get there.

By the way, we can congratulate Zimouski on his successful attempt to infiltrate to the web-page of independent BelaPAN. I wonder if Zimouski will give opposition experts the floor on the Belarusian Television (BT)? I was close to feeling sorry for Lukashenka who made a bitter remark at a press-conference with Russian media that hes fond of skiing, but entry to Austria is denied to him, due to certain factors.

The governors and their journalistic servants would love to present the European March as an ordinary imitational action held by the opposition. Id like to assure infiltrational adherents of the European integration - its not like that. The street action of 14 October 2007 launched the campaign The European March which will end with an actual referendum on Belarus joining the European Union held with European freedoms, with civilized modes of voting, with all parties represented in electoral commissions, with no arrests of Belarusian language activists carried out for using Russian coarse words

But we have a long path to walk, or maybe not First and foremost, we are to enable every citizen to vote for those candidates to the parliament who support the 12 recommendations of the European Union.

And here, supporting the idea of a dialogue with the authorities, I offer Mr. Zimouski to start TV debates and talk-shows with authorities and oppositionists discussing the way for Belarus integration to Europe. Moreover that kids of numerous Belarusian high-rank officials are already students of European universities and take part in exchange programmes of Belarusian oil production and European money. Moreover that its safer to walk in the European March than to try to infiltrate through black lists as an Asian illegal immigrant. So, youre welcome to join us!