9 November

Foreign Ministry of Belarus preparing accurate response to EU


The Foreign Ministry hasnt decided yet how much Belarusian visa will cost for the citizens of the EU.

According to Ihar Sakret, head of the passport-visa department of consul department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Belarus is still deciding what measures will be taken in response to the joining of some countries the Schengen Zone. Among others, the increase of visa prices up to 60 euro is probable, Euroradio says.

The Belarusian side doesnt offer Belarusian visas chipper than Schengen ones. But, for example, we have had two rounds of negotiations with Lithuania and Poland, and a project of agreements is being examined to make easier the travelling of Belarusians and foreigners, I. Sakret says.

Now pensioners, international drivers, railway workers and other people from the neighbouring countries who have to go abroad often, can receive Belarusian visas on privileged conditions.

Belarus can answer Europe with stop of granting visas on privileged conditions.

In the Belarusian Embassy in Lithuania it was said that the negotiations on making national Lithuanian visa chipper than a Schengen one are carried out with Lithuania. The question will be settled in early December. But with such a visa one will have limitations on travelling in other Schengen countries.

At the same time, there is an opinion in the Belarusian diplomatic circles, that the Belarusian visa for the EU countries wont cost more that 60 euro, as it would be unreasonable.