16 November

Zmiter Barodka: Ill remember words of support all my life


Today the family of democratic activist Zmiter Barodka has a double holiday. On his birthday the politician took his twin sons from the Minsk Area Children Clinical Hospital. His wife had premature labour because Zmiter had been arrested. The babies needed urgent medical help.

As Zmiter Barodka said, Mark and Yaraslau feel good now. The boys have spent one and a half month in the hospital, since their birth on October, 3. They were born at the age of eight months, they weighed little, moreover they had problems with lungs. We are overcoming the problems little by little. My wife is all right, too, the politician said to Charter97 press center.

Zmiter is thankful to the people, who supported his family in hard time. He thinks, it is not occasional that his sons were discharged from hospital on Solidarity day, November, 16.

Great thanks to everyone, who was anxious about my family. The people, who were praying in churches in Barysau, Minsk, and throughout the country. Many people sympathised, phoned, were anxious about me. It was very exciting, Ill remember the words of support all my life, Zmiter says.

Zmiter Barodka wishes his children would live in free and European Belarus.

I wish they would be healthy, wouldnt pass through what I have passed. I wish my children and all of us would live in a free, European and democratic country. I wish our children would read about the events that are happening today, in history textbooks and surprise, if it all were possible. I wish they would find their way in life, the democratic activist said.

It should be reminded that on the day when the member of the European March organising committee was unlawfully sentenced to 15 days of arrest, his wife Valiantina born twins. The sudden arrest of the husband caused the premature labour. Zmiter was caught on the way home to Barysau. He was arrested on falsified accusation in order to hinder the preparation for the European March.