27 November

Belarusian authorities can miss their opportunity


Wed want to receive a signal from Belarus about the destiny of political prisoners, Gernot Erler, Minister of State at the German Federal Foreign Office said in the interview to BelaPAN. The Minister of State emphasised the importance of confidence between government, civil society and opposition. G. Erler said the Belarusian authorities had laid the foundation of such relations, he also expressed his hope that an opportunity to build them wouldnt be missed.

The representative of the German Federal Foreign Office said an opportunity of release of the political prisoners in frames of the forthcoming amnesty had been discussed during informal meetings with Belarusian officials. It would be a chance, not entering the particulars of every case, to send a signal, which the whole Europe would understand, G. Erler said. The main thing, it will show readiness of Minsk to provide holding of free and fair election, in particular the next year electoral campaign.

Minister of State at the German Federal Foreign Office noted Europe saw some problematic points during the presidential election in Belarus in 2006, and it will follow closely the forthcoming electoral campaign.