17 September

Uladzimir Niakliayau: Only European way. There is no other future for us


Uladzimir Niakliayau, фота ByMedia.net14 October in Minsk the European March is to be held. It is aimed at demonstration of the European choice benefits for Belarus, of the real steps for overcoming the economic crises with the help of the united Europe through meeting 12 conditions posed by the European Union for democratization of the country. The way to be chosen by Belarus today ids discussed by the well-known Belarusian port, former Chairman of the Union of Writers, head of the PAN centre Uladzimir Niakliayau in his interview with the Charter’97 press-center.

-Mr.Uladzimir, what is your viewpoint on the way of development for Belarus? What is your attitude towards the European direction of the development?

-Since XIII century we have been a typical European country. What other way of development can we chose? Only the European way. There is no other future for us .Unlike, for example, Russia which has traditionally been more Asian we have long ago developed the prototype of parliamentary republics. If we had been able to preserve that power model in early nineties than our democratic forces could have confront all challenges of the history. Now, unfortunately, the hostile Asian model is being implemented here .Belarus must move closer to Europe. It is absolutely natural historically grounded process for the country.

-Will moving closer towards Europe help in preserving independence and national culture?

-European approach will help in preserving independence of Belarus and defending its national interests. It is vividly manifested by the example of Poland and Lithuania which faced serious problems with independence. Europe is interested in Belarus joining the European family. The mutual enrichment of cultures of the European Union member-states is evident though the national peculiarities identifying particular regions have been no way suppressed.

The question if Europe can provide benefits for developing the national culture is very disputable to me. I consider that neither west nor east can help us in preserving our cultural identity. Only our own efforts may improve the situation.

-What is your attitude to the dialogue proposed by the democratic forces?

-Certainly, I would like two Belaruses to unite. I am not at all the enemy to my country .Nothing new has to be created for that .The only way to uniting is that of compromises. But the authorities ignore any compromises. If the miracle happens, I will be only glad.

-What is your attitude towards the European March to be held 14 October?

-My viewpoint on the European March is definitely positive. It is one of the not numerous ways to manifests that the Belarusian political opposition still exists.