14 September

European March "For Freedom!"


European March For Freedom! is to be held in Minsk, the capital of the Republic of Belarus on October 14, 2007. The idea of the march appeared in the Belarusian civil society in response to the European Unions address to the government and people of Belarus What the European Union could bring to Belarus. In our country the document is known as 12 proposals of the European Union.

The goal of the European March is to demonstrate the European choice of the Belarusian people.

Civil societys initiative of the European March has acquired the extensive support of the leading political democratic parties, political movements, non-governmental and youth democratic organizations, civil campaigns, cultural figures.

The government of Belarus has not yet responded in substance to the EU proposals. Though the results of the latest sociological polls conducted both by independent and state-governed sociological services prove that the majority of Belarusians positively react to the idea of improvement of relations with Europe and support the European vector of the countrys development.

Last spring the opposition offered to the authorities to start an internal Belarusian dialogue in order to put an end to the confrontation within the society, achieve consensus, and determine the way of development. The authorities gave no answer. Now the opposition offers to the authorities to make a practical step -- to support the European March and to take part in it. The organizing committee of the European March set up a special group for holding talks with the authorities. It includes respected political and public figures.

It is the efficient dialogue between the authorities and the opposition that is to precede the dialogue between Belarus and the European Union which is widely spoken of by the Belarusian officials. Representatives of the Belarusian government stress the importance of improvement of the relations with the European Union, readiness to partnership in economic and energy spheres. However, in Belarus political persecution of the opposition and dissenters continues.

Today Belarusians need strong demonstration of European solidarity. On the eve of the European March Belarusian youth associations called the Europeans to have Actions of Solidarity with Belarus in their countries on October 14. Leaders of political parties and public figures sent their invitations to participate in the European March to their partners in Europe, among those are well-known politicians, deputies of the European Parliament outstanding public and cultural figures.

European March For Freedom! is a true way to a dialogue and civil consensus in Belarus. It is the chance for democratic revival and economic prosperity.

Long live Belarus!