Tom Stoppard: Long live Belarus!

The outstanding British playwright, Oscar winner, Sir Tom Stoppard appealed to the Belarusians on the European Marchs eve: I hope my friends in Belarus will prosper, - Tom Stoppard said in his appeal.



Elisabeth Schroedter: Belarusian authorities cannot ignore opposition

European Parliament deputy Elisabeth Schroedter regards the European March vital for Belarus. The action proves there is a strong opposition in the country, the deputy believes. With this action the authorities will see there is a real opposition force that they cannot ignore.



Zimouski: European March is not glamorous

National State Teleradiocompany head and former presenter of the informational and analytical programme Rezonans expressed his opinion concerning the European March. According to him, actually, the place of Belarus is in Europe but the march in step with strange tin drum is not glamorous.



Entrepreneurs come out to European March

Valer Levaneuski has called the entrepreneurs to take active part in preparation and holding of the European March For Freedom. According to the entrepreneurs leader, problems of small entrepot development are closely connected with the problems of the whole nation, total poverty and lawlessness of the Belarusians.



Aleksandr Kullinkovich: Id like to play music in European Belarus

Aleksandr Kullinkovich, the group Neuro Dubel leader wishes he would play music in European Belarus. I could say everything I want not bewaring of the punishment. The punishments like abolition of the concerts, absence of air, orders from the officials and telephone calls. I want to play music not violating the laws. I cant live like that in todays Belarus. Whatever I do today, I think: They can punish me, I can be punished In my opinion, free art is impossible in todays Belarus, - the musician declared in the interview to Charter97 press center.



Leanid Navitski: Youd better support the European March

Democratic activist Leanid Navitski was released today from the remand jail in Akrestin Street, where he spent 10 days. He was arrested by the KGB agents, who confiscated from his flat 100 EU flags and informational materials with the European symbols. Somebody from the authorities tried to upset the preparation for the European March, but it is impossible today. Instead of senseless attempts to hinder us, I would advise the authorities to support the action and save in such a way both themselves and our country, - Leanid Navitski declared to Charter97 press center after his release from the remand jail.



Uladzimir Niakliayau: Only European way. There is no other future for us

14 October in Minsk the European March is to be held. It is aimed at demonstration of the European choice benefits for Belarus, of the real steps for overcoming the economic crises with the help of the united Europe through meeting 12 conditions posed by the European Union for democratization of the country. The way to be chosen by Belarus today ids discussed by the well-known Belarusian port, former Chairman of the Union of Writers, head of the PAN centre Uladzimir Niakliayau in his interview with the Charter97 press-center.



Mick Jaggers Appeal to Belarusians (Video)

Musician of the legendary group Rolling Stones Mick Jagger in his appeal to the Belarusians wished them success in the affairs bringing Belarus closer to Freedom and Europe. Watch Mick Jaggers video.



Viktar Ivashkevich: Belarusian People Support European Choice

In October this year the European March will take place in Belarus. We shall propose preparation of European March For Freedom! to be held in October this year. The democratic forces should hold a mass rally which would visually confirm that the Belarusian people support the European choice. We offer the government to normalize the relations with Europe by fulfilling conditions of the European Commission. It would allow Belarus getting serious economic benefits, considerably improving the life of common people, told the deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front party Vintsuk Vyachorka in an interview to the Charter97 press-center.



Vaclav Havel: Freedom will prevail in Belarus (video)

Former president of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel addressed the Belarusian people on the eve of the European March to be held in Minsk 14 October.



Zmitser Khvedaruk: We shall hold a real European March

A youth organization Young Front supports holding European march in autumn this year. Young Front, which supports European democratic values, would take to the streets this autumn definitely. We shall hold a real European March. Once again Belarus would say that its place is in Europe. Recently we feel a great support of European countries, and politicians from Europe are visiting our celebrations more and more often. We should make obvious once again our ability and readiness to become a part of a united democratic Europe, told the leader of Young Front Zmitser Fedaruk in an interview to Charter97 press-center.



Igar Rinkevich: We must give a positive answer to the European Union proposals

Well-known Belarusian lawyer and one of the leaders of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Gramada) Igar Rinkevich supported the European March to be held this October. For centuries since the times of the Grand Lithuanian Duchy Belarus has been a part of the European Civilization. And as far as my worldview is concerned I consider myself a European. Furthermore, when at the beginning of the nineties Belarus had the chance to construct its future on the basis of fast integration into Europe I believed that it was possible in the shortest period of time.



Vintsuk Vyachorka: European March will unite democratic forces in action

Belarus must immediately answer benevolent proposals of the European Union to fulfill 12 requirements for democratization and get access to European programs, preferences, investment, credits and technologies. In October European March For Freedom! we shall demand authorities to support offers of the EU to save the country from an unavoidable crisis. European March is to unite the responsible democratic forces in action, and not only in wordplays, told the leader of the Belarusian Popular Front party Vintsuk Vyachorka.



Mikhail Marinich: March of hope

14 October the European March is to be held on the initiative of the democratic public of Belarus, the march of solidarity with the European way of life, European values, Europe itself. I consider participation of the democratic forces in the March as important as participation of representatives of the state authorities.



Yaugen Afnagel: We ought to demonstrate the will of Belarus to join the European Union

On of the European March applicants, member of the public campaign Jeans for Freedom! Yaugen Afnagel dwelt on the targets of the action which is to be held in Minsk 14 October.Our target is to provide maximum participation of people in the European March. The European values are extremely relevant nowadays both for the youth and for the adult population, the activist declared in his interview with the Radio Svaboda.