Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart supports Pro-Democracy rallies in Belarus (Video)



Lubomir Rehak: Amnesty would be convenient and painless solution to problem of political prisoners

Concerning the political prisoners there are friction between the Belarusian authorities and international community: are there any political prisoners or not. As this topic is often being raised, we can see none of the sides is ready to meet habitat in this issue. In this context the coming amnesty would be convenient and painless solving of the problem, which is the serious obstacle to normalization of the relations between Belarus and the European Union, - Lubomir Rehak, temporary charge d affaires of Slovakia to Belarus said in his interview to Charter97 press center commenting the law On Amnesty, adopted by the house of representatives in two readings. We remind that the Embassy of Slovakia represents the European Union in Belarus.



Militia spied opposition in regions on day of European March

Democratic activist Anatol Askerka appealed to the Barysau Prosecutors Office with a complaint. The whole day of 14 October he was watched by the militia and KGB agents in order not to allow him to take part in the European March in Minsk.



Matthias Platzeck: Im not ready to deny human rights for dialog

Minister-President of Federal State Brandenburg Matthias Platzeck is making a visit to Belarus. The German politician had an appointment with Belarusian Prime Minister Siarhei Sidorski and took part in the second dispute in memory of Johannes Rau, organized by Minsk International Educational Center.



Release of political prisoners is main requirement of EU

24 October the deputies of the Belarusian palatka (house of representatives) began the consideration of the draft law On amnesty. It will be the fifth amnesty in the country within the last seven years. Today Aliaksandr Kazulin, Andrei Klimau, Zmiter Dashkevich, Artur Finkevich, Mikola Autukhovich and Yury Liavonau are in prison accused on political motives. The normalization of the relations with Europe depends on how their fate will be determined.



Paval Kuryanovich: When we all caught cold in cell, we rebelled

Democratic activist Paval Kuryanovich was released recently from the special prison facility in Akrestin Street. For spreading the information materials for the European March the oppositionist was sentenced to 10 days of arrest.



Gazeta Wyborcza: Polands future Prime Minister can be interdicted to enter Belarus

Leader of Civil Platform Donald Tusk will be the first Prime Minister in Polands history who is not welcome at the countrys eastern neighbours, the author of the article Tusk will not enter Belarus published in the current issue of the Polish Gazeta Wyborcza stated.



What is the Marchs outcome?

Its hard to imagine another European country, except for Russia, that would host a prohibited march for joining the EU, 40 organizers of which would be arrested.



Aliaksandr Atroshchankau: Militiaman shoved his hand into a window leaf, opened window and entered through it

Democratic activist Aliaksandr Atroshchankau was at large 19 October. The oppositionist was sentenced to 10 days of arrest for the preparation of the European March. The detainment of Atroshchankau has evoked a wide response: the militia rushed into his flat on the first floor through a window, unlawfully searched his flat and confiscated two computers and informational materials for the European March, the activist was accused of using obscene language in order to excuse unlawful actions of the militia.



Excluded from university for love for Europe

Democratic activist and human rights activist Sviatlana Harohavik was warned she could be excluded from Belarusian State University for participation in the European March preparation. A KGB agent came to the special prison facility in Akrestin Street where the girl was serving her term of 15 days of arrest, and said she wouldnt go to the university any more.



Last dictator in Europe continues repressions for European March

Democratic activist Paval Yuhnevich was sentenced today to 15 days of arrest by Minsk Central District Court. Only yesterday the activist left the special prison facility in Akrestin Street, where he had spent 7 days of arrest for European March organization, and he was convicted under two articles of the Administrative Code. Judge Liudmila Savastyan gave sentence.



EU welcomes opening European Commission Office in Minsk

The Local EU Presidency welcomes the signing of a decree on the approval of the Draft Establishment Agreement of the European Commission Delegation in Belarus to be negotiated by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Valery Voronetsky.



Andrei Sannikov: After European March every use of police club will hit the authorities on the head

15 October in Riga the conference Europe at the Crossroads: Agenda from Riga to Bucharest took place. Meaning NATO Summit that took place last year in Riga and NATO Summit that would be held in Bucharest next year. It is a traditional Riga conference, with the main points being security, development of the European integration, Trans-Atlantic cooperation.



Militia lawlessness against European March organizers

Democratic activist Paval Yuhnevich managed to phone from the Savetski District Internal Affairs Department and say that the militiamen had draw up one more administrative report against him for he allegedly was using obscene language in the department. In such a way the militia set themselves right with Paval Yuhnevich detainment till the trial 19 October.



Commission of European Communities to open Representative Office in Belarus

By his ordinance Head of State Alexander Lukashenko approved a draft agreement between the Republic of Belarus and the Commission of the European Communities on establishing, privileges and immunities of a Representative Office of the Commission of the European Communities in Belarus, BelTA learnt from the presidential press service.



Milinkevich at Lisbon Summit: Europes position towards Belarus is firm

For Freedom movement leader Aliaksandar Milinkevich took part in the summit of the European Peoples Party (EPP) held in the Portuguese capital. The former candidate for the presidential post had a range of private meetings with well-known politicians: European Parliament head Hans-Georg Poettering, PACE President Rene van der Linden, Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, Tymoshenko bloc leader Yulia Tymoshenko.



Yury Istomin: There were mainly oppositionist arrested for European March in remand jail

Yury Istomin, head of the United Civil Party Hrodna area organization, was released yesterday from Hrodna remand jail. The politician was arrested twice ahead of the European March. For the first time he spent behind the bars 5 days and some days later he was sentenced to 7 days. The both terms Yury Istomin was on hunger-strike protesting against unfair sentence.



Zmiter Barodka: Lukashists dont trust in God

Recently Zmiter Barodka, member of the European March organizing committee , democratic activist, was released from the special prison facility in Akrestin Street. On the day Barodka received an unjust sentence of 15 days of arrest, his wife Valiantina bore twins. The sudden arrest of her husband caused advanced labor.



Yauhen Afnahel: When being detained I was flung black bag on head

When detaining, the OMON soldiers (riot police) flung a black cellophane bag on my head, take my mobile phone away, - said to Charter97 press center Yauhen Afnahel, applicant for the European March, civil campaign Jeans for Freedom activist, released today from the remand jail in Akrestin Street after 10-days arrest.



PACE rapporteur hopes for meeting with political prisoners

Rapporteur on Belarus of the Political Affairs Committee at Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Andrea Rigoni intents to meet with the political prisoners.



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